Eat Your [Sea] Vegetables! Sustainable Farming (Kelp DESSERTS)

For this blogging project I had hoped to obtain fresh, locally-farmed seaweed, but this task proved much more difficult than expected! Dried sea vegetables are already available at most natural foods stores (for a pretty steep price) but fresh sea vegetables (undehydrated) are a rarity. However, the dried products that I worked with for all of these blog posts rehydrated quite nicely and apparently suffer little to no nutritional loss as a result of the drying process. We won’t be finding fresh sea vegetables in the produce section of every grocery store until there is a larger demand from consumers for these products.  Join the cause and become a sea vegetable pioneer in your own kitchen! Continue reading “Eat Your [Sea] Vegetables! Sustainable Farming (Kelp DESSERTS)”


Cold Sesame Noodles

I love nuts and seeds; this dish really delivers on both counts. Using only pantry ingredients, these noodles are our stand-by contribution for potlucks (we clearly don’t know many people with nut allergies…) and mountain-top picnics with friends.

This is pretty-solidly a Level 1 recipe (see my last post in which I sort basic Chinese ingredients into three different levels), so it’s a good starting point for beginners. Continue reading “Cold Sesame Noodles”