Maple-Coconut Granola

Granola is expensive. I have a feeling that I’ll be starting many of my posts like this… but as stated in the About Me page, frugality is a major force in the Yeh house.

The way that I eat granola is especially expensive: instead of a dainty sprinking on top of my yogurt, I flip the ratio to make the granola the main event. Yogurt and fruit are merely accoutrements for the nutty-oaty-goodness that lies underneath. When writing the post on strawberry-rhubarb-maple compote, I actually bumped up the volume of yogurt and fruit for the main shot so it wouldn’t look so strange!

When I say granola, I’m not referring to oats that have the occasional nut thrown in; no, I need nuts to be like 1/3 of the total granola volume. Eating a premium store-bought granola for breakfast every morning, I estimate would come out to $14 per week. However, making my own granola with  nuts sourced from Costco, I easily support my granola habit with less than $5 per week. Continue reading “Maple-Coconut Granola”


Brussels Sprouts-Pecan-Cranberry Sauté

I was never forced to eat brussels sprouts as a child, but was well-aware of their reputation as a torture-device employed by parents against their children. When I encountered real-life brussels sprouts in my high school cafeteria, I found that they lived up to their bad reputation.

It was only a few years ago that I gave brussels sprouts a second try. My little sister had found a simple, yet tasty, recipe from Alton Brown and I fell in love with the crisp-tender sprouts. I quickly forgot why I had disliked brussels sprouts in the first place, and began to buy fresh sprouts regularly at Costco. Continue reading “Brussels Sprouts-Pecan-Cranberry Sauté”