7-ish Resolutions

Grad school has been crazy y’all. I’m SO thankful for the things I’ve learned (oceanography, genetics, bioinformatics, etc.) and discovered about myself (that I really like coding and science communication). Conferences and workshops have given me the opportunity to travel (to the UK, Germany, and the far corners of the U.S.) and connect with new people (shout-out to the Phytonerds!). However, in the pursuit of constant productivity, I’ve let the things that keep me happy and motivated fall by the wayside… it’s this masochistic cycle, in which I believe that I’ll somehow be more productive if I deprive myself of the things that I enjoy. The sheer joy of metagenetic gut content analyses can only keep you going for so long, so it’s my New Year’s resolution to be less “productive” with the aid of the following activities. So, I’m counting on you—dear internet friends and acquaintances—to keep me accountable! Continue reading “7-ish Resolutions”