#FoodGoals: 10 Things I Plan to Make This Summer/Year

I am currently getting organized and taking stock of my goals and priorities as I plan out a summer of oceanography research. Let’s do the same for food! There are several dishes that I’ve been wanting to try my hand at, but keep putting on the back burner for one reason or another. Maybe I’ll finally get to them this year if I make a tidy little buzzfeed-style list…

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Pistachio Cake

I had always judged those poor souls with cracked phone screens harshly, but the other week I became one of those people. I was jogging—holding my phone in my hand—when tragedy struck: I dropped my phone on a bit of uneven pavement. My husband went into tech-EMT-mode by stabilizing the situation and rushing my poor baby off to the surgeons at Samsung. I’ve been using an old phone while I await its return- please bear with me on the poor photo quality in the meantime! Just squint your eyes, tilt your head to the right and things will be OK!

Sometimes I like to suppress my knowledge of the unsustainable way that pistachios are produced and enjoy a few of these green nuts (technically seeds). This pistachio loaf from Molly Yeh’s* new book Molly on the Range is the stuff of dreams… and almost worth the desertification of California! Continue reading “Pistachio Cake”

Midsummer Mélange: CSA Produce & Beyond

With the end of summer fast-approaching, I’ve been proactively working on my non-beach-bod; also, according to my friend who is really into weight-lifting, apparently it’s bulking season? Of course, I’m not seriously working towards any unhealthy goals, but I did consume the lion’s share of my award-winning batch of Bourbon-Chocolate-Pecan cupcakes in my lab’s cupcake-competition…  Continue reading “Midsummer Mélange: CSA Produce & Beyond”