Winter is Coming: The End of the CSA

Where did the last month go? Oh right

“Of course, some of us are happy with the outcome of the presidential election, while others are surviving on cupcakes and bourbon.”

– Stephen Colbert on the Late Show 11/23/2016

If, like me, you find yourself in the latter category then I highly recommend that you go back to my blog post on bourbon-chocolate-pecan cupcakes! I’m sure that this is what Stephen was actually referencing when he made that comment…

On to my actual topic for this blog post: this year’s CSA (Community Shared/Supported Agriculture) season has come to a close. It actually ended a couple of weeks ago but we still have a mountain of winter squash to get through. Somewhere in that last month I was so overwhelmed by a combination of schoolwork and the overflowing abundance of vegetables. I just kind of shut down and stopped using the produce altogether, hoarding winter squash at the weekly pickup because I knew that they could last for months.

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