Maple Soymilk: Blending Taipei and Vermont

We just booked tickets for our (annual?) trip back to Taiwan! Just look at how excited we are!

Jumping for joy at Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial in Taipei, Taiwan. PC: Hannah Choi Photography

If you are at all familiar with Taiwanese culture, then you know that skipping breakfast is a grave error. For about $2.00 USD you can expect a diverse meal of meat in dough, veggies in dough, and… bread in dough? Continue reading “Maple Soymilk: Blending Taipei and Vermont”


Braised Radishes & Bacon

Raw radishes are strong, to put it lightly. My husband was quite put-off by the uniquely spicy flavor that assaulted his senses when I showed him our latest CSA haul. I enjoy the sharp taste, but could not see myself stomaching the whole bunch shaved onto an endless succession of radish-y salads. Surely, I thought, there must be another way to enjoy these beautiful veggies.

Radishes are an ingredient that I had associated with health-nuts, believing that they were a vegetable to be tolerated for health benefits, but not enjoyed. I was doubtful (as you might be, as well) of the palatability of the cooked radishes that I came across while flipping through recipes.  However, I (and the two carnivores that I fed this dish to) can attest that it is absolutely addictive!

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