Notes from the Pantry: Tomato-White Bean Soup

I was just thinking about strategies for survival in a zombie apocalypse… no idea why… maybe it was something I saw on TV today? Never hurts to be prepared!

If you’ve ever seen The Walking Dead then you know that bullets and canned goods are as good as gold. Both are critically important, but only one is edible!

FYI, If someone tells you to “eat lead” then I’m pretty sure they’re not inviting you to sit down for a nice bowl of lead shavings…

The following recipe utilizes canned/pantry goods and is tremendous for situations when I not-so-soberly offer to cook dinner for friends or am on the run from yuge hordes of zombies.

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Dragon Lingerie (Early Fall CSA)

I challenge you to find a more click-bait-y title than that of the Dragon Lingerie Bean! If the name alone is not intriguing enough, then just check out this crazy coloration:

Dragon Lingerie Beans

I used these in a coconut curry with shrimp and a plethora of other vegetables like carrots, tomatoes and peppers. It was great for using up a lot of vegetables… I’ve been a little behind on keeping up with the weekly flood.

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Braised Radishes & Bacon

Raw radishes are strong, to put it lightly. My husband was quite put-off by the uniquely spicy flavor that assaulted his senses when I showed him our latest CSA haul. I enjoy the sharp taste, but could not see myself stomaching the whole bunch shaved onto an endless succession of radish-y salads. Surely, I thought, there must be another way to enjoy these beautiful veggies.

Radishes are an ingredient that I had associated with health-nuts, believing that they were a vegetable to be tolerated for health benefits, but not enjoyed. I was doubtful (as you might be, as well) of the palatability of the cooked radishes that I came across while flipping through recipes.  However, I (and the two carnivores that I fed this dish to) can attest that it is absolutely addictive!

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