Pistachio Cake

I had always judged those poor souls with cracked phone screens harshly, but the other week I became one of those people. I was jogging—holding my phone in my hand—when tragedy struck: I dropped my phone on a bit of uneven pavement. My husband went into tech-EMT-mode by stabilizing the situation and rushing my poor baby off to the surgeons at Samsung. I’ve been using an old phone while I await its return- please bear with me on the poor photo quality in the meantime! Just squint your eyes, tilt your head to the right and things will be OK!

Sometimes I like to suppress my knowledge of the unsustainable way that pistachios are produced and enjoy a few of these green nuts (technically seeds). This pistachio loaf from Molly Yeh’s* new book Molly on the Range is the stuff of dreams… and almost worth the desertification of California! Continue reading “Pistachio Cake”


My Name is (also) Yeh: What I’ve been Reading, Watching, and Listening to

First of all, grad school is going swimmingly. Thanks for asking. I’ve actually had the time to lead a balanced existence, which is completely shocking. Except for Thursdays, Thursdays are THE WORST (the day when I have all of my TA-duties).  Here are a few of the things that I’ve been doing on not-Thursdays:

Reading: Molly on the Range

My favorite food blogger just came out with her first book: Molly on the Range. I first discovered Molly when I was trying to think of a name for my own blog… so of course “My Name is Yeh” was one of the first names that I had to cross off of my list of options. I feel like she is a kindred spirit who I’ve switched places with because I grew up in farm-country, went to school in NYC, and now find myself in the suburbs… her life took the opposite path; she started as a Yeh, and I married into the name; she makes gorgeous cakes… and I have bloody fish to dissect… ugh.

I’ve never laughed so hard at a cookbook, nor have I ever been so thoroughly convinced that I need to keep a full jar of tahini in the fridge at all times. You know, just in case, because apparently it can go with anything.   Continue reading “My Name is (also) Yeh: What I’ve been Reading, Watching, and Listening to”

Dragon Lingerie (Early Fall CSA)

I challenge you to find a more click-bait-y title than that of the Dragon Lingerie Bean! If the name alone is not intriguing enough, then just check out this crazy coloration:

Dragon Lingerie Beans

I used these in a coconut curry with shrimp and a plethora of other vegetables like carrots, tomatoes and peppers. It was great for using up a lot of vegetables… I’ve been a little behind on keeping up with the weekly flood.

Continue reading “Dragon Lingerie (Early Fall CSA)”

Yeh-Family Secret Sauce

I’m sorry everyone, I’ve been holding out on you; one of my collaborations with Hannah Choi Photography has been gathering dust in the nether regions of my computer. Today happens to be Miss Choi’s birthday, so it’s as good a day as ever to roll out one of my favorite recipes!

Obligatory silly/potentially-embarrassing photo with the birthday girl!

Having been raised in a rather white-bread household (well, more like organic whole-wheat bread… but I digress), spiciness and I have never been amiable.  This dynamic changed significantly on one of my first few visits to my husband’s family-home. I was taught how to fold dumplings- adorable little things- which were then pan-fried to a crisp. Continue reading “Yeh-Family Secret Sauce”

Carrot-Zucchini-Coconut Bread

If necessity is the mother of invention, then derpery is the father;  I was once making zucchini bread when I realized that I had half the required volume of zucchini needed for the recipe. Already having assembled all other parts of the batter, I was committed to making this darn bread. A quick google search revealed that a zucchini-carrot combo bread was not an unheard-of invention, so I switched gears by replacing the missing zucchini with an equivalent amount of carrot. The resultant product was a success! Continue reading “Carrot-Zucchini-Coconut Bread”

Preparing for the End of the World (a.k.a. Graduate School)

In just a few hours I will officially begin my first term as a graduate student (though this week is a soft-start with orientation-type activities). In preparation for the onslaught of grading, studying, etc. that I anticipate, I have fortified the freezer ramparts with auxiliary rations: frozen burritos! Entirely homemade, of course.

My practice of making burritos for the freezer started with Hot-Pockets; my husband loves them, and I’ve gotta give the company credit for creating an on-demand meal/snack that is very satisfying. However, I was not happy that he was eating a processed food product on a semi-regular basis, so for nutritional as well as economic reasons, I endeavored to recreate some aspects of the Hot-Pocket experience. The first manifestation was as a breakfast burrito featuring eggs, cheese, beans, and sausage or bacon. And with this, I successfully transferred my husband’s affections to a homemade product… although he does occasionally cast a longing glance in the frozen section of the supermarket!  Continue reading “Preparing for the End of the World (a.k.a. Graduate School)”

Midsummer Mélange: CSA Produce & Beyond

With the end of summer fast-approaching, I’ve been proactively working on my non-beach-bod; also, according to my friend who is really into weight-lifting, apparently it’s bulking season? Of course, I’m not seriously working towards any unhealthy goals, but I did consume the lion’s share of my award-winning batch of Bourbon-Chocolate-Pecan cupcakes in my lab’s cupcake-competition…  Continue reading “Midsummer Mélange: CSA Produce & Beyond”

Bourbon-Chocolate-Pecan Cupcakes

While Olympians were working their tails off for gold in Rio last week, I was slaving over a hot oven to bring these beauties into the world.

The laboratory where I work had a cupcake-war to commemorate my last week on the job. Unfortunately, this coincided with a heat wave here in Connecticut, but my husband graciously let me turn the house into an oven anyways. Continue reading “Bourbon-Chocolate-Pecan Cupcakes”

Portland: Our Nitro-Fueled Adventure in Maine

Coincidentally, this trip was also the debut of my husband’s hand-modeling career!

We were in the Portland area this past week to join family members on a “camping trip” (everyone else was in cabins at a resort while we stayed at a Marriott hotel in downtown Portland, ME). Here is an account of our very-unbalanced diet (a few more breweries are missing from the record, however), in no particular order: Continue reading “Portland: Our Nitro-Fueled Adventure in Maine”

葉媽媽’s (Yeh Mama’s) Pickles

My husband hates cucumbers. He also hates pickled things. Therefore, cucumbers that have been pickled (a.k.a. pickles) are his least favorite food. Ever. His relationship to these little green beasts can be summed up by this cat video. I, on the other hand, enjoy the occasional spear served alongside a sandwich. Whenever we eat out I get a double-ration of pickles: my own, as well as refugees from my husband’s plate!  Continue reading “葉媽媽’s (Yeh Mama’s) Pickles”