Welcome to Chez Yeh 葉 : a collection of culinary musings from a (hungry) multicultural couple.

Food has played a large role in our relationship from the beginning; we met in college (at Columbia University) and bonded over a shared love of good food and drink. These first few years of marriage have produced a unique repertoire of east-meets-west cuisine. At the request of friends and family, we are finally sharing many of our creations through this blog .

The Yeh wedding day. Mary Zheng Photography


Sprinkled into every post you’ll find the flavors of multiple inspirations from our lives:

  • Heidi’s (mostly) vegetarian parents and “crunchy” Vermont upbringing
  •  Jimmy’s Taiwanese heritage and frequent travel to the motherland.
  • Heidi’s seven years of experience waitressing at a luxury resort… and eating all of the leftovers.
  • Jimmy’s frugality and extreme aversion to buying products when they are not on-sale (apparently his first words in English were “on sale”).
  • Heidi’s French host-father who spoiled her daily with his phenomenal cooking skills while she was studying abroad in Paris. Heidi’s own heritage is mostly French, by way of Canada.
  • A shared penchant for science: Jimmy is a mechanical engineer and Heidi is a graduate student studying biological oceanography. Naturally, we rely on scientifically-inclined sources for our recipes such as The Food Lab and Alton Brown.
  • Heidi’s college roommate, Jaclyn Willner, who proved that the busy-ness of academics/life should never prevent one from making crème brûlée at midnight or rendering duck fat in-between classes.

The majority of the blog will be written in Heidi’s (sarcastic) voice, and the occasional (but equally sarcastic) note from the resident engineer will also be included. Regular collaborations with our dear photographer-friend, Hannah Choi, will grace these pages; please check out her photography website and blog!

Why the name Chez Yeh 葉?

  • Obviously, because it rhymes.
  • Reach deep into your memory and dust off your high-school French lessons: if “chez elle” means “at her house” and “chez Pierre” means “at Pierre’s place”, then “chez Yeh” means “at the Yeh’s home”.
  • We can trace most of our cooking-inspiration to French & Chinese cuisines, both of which are equally represented in the title.
  • This blog is focused on food; so, in the style of stereotypical French restaurants that tend to have “Chez” somewhere in the name (i.e. Chez Josephine or Chez Panisse), je vous présente: Chez Yeh 葉.
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The Yeh-takeover of Taipei. Hannah Choi Photography

We hope that you will find inspiration for many cooking adventures within these pages!