My Name is (also) Yeh: What I’ve been Reading, Watching, and Listening to

First of all, grad school is going swimmingly. Thanks for asking. I’ve actually had the time to lead a balanced existence, which is completely shocking. Except for Thursdays, Thursdays are THE WORST (the day when I have all of my TA-duties).  Here are a few of the things that I’ve been doing on not-Thursdays:

Reading: Molly on the Range

My favorite food blogger just came out with her first book: Molly on the Range. I first discovered Molly when I was trying to think of a name for my own blog… so of course “My Name is Yeh” was one of the first names that I had to cross off of my list of options. I feel like she is a kindred spirit who I’ve switched places with because I grew up in farm-country, went to school in NYC, and now find myself in the suburbs… her life took the opposite path; she started as a Yeh, and I married into the name; she makes gorgeous cakes… and I have bloody fish to dissect… ugh.

I’ve never laughed so hard at a cookbook, nor have I ever been so thoroughly convinced that I need to keep a full jar of tahini in the fridge at all times. You know, just in case, because apparently it can go with anything.  

Here’s a gem that I was dying to make: Tahini Blondie Brownies. They’re wonderfully complex and nutty… but technically have no nuts since sesame is a seed!

Processed with VSCO with s2 preset
Tahini Blondie Brownies, recipe from Molly on the Range.

Watching: Saturday Night Live

SNL is killing it this year, guys. The election cycle is, of course, plenty of fodder for comedy, but then there are still awesome  random sketches too.

Hoagies made a guest appearance on this last weekend’s episode. For those of you who aren’t familiar with this Philly-area classic, here’s a peek at what might have been hiding beneath the mysterious wrapping that Jimmy Fallon was trying to give to Colin Jost:

Italian Hoagie

As one of our last hurrahs of the summer, we made a trip down to South Jersey to visit family. When my (vegan) aunt greeted these Jersey-Turnpike-weary travelers with fresh, meaty hoagies, it was clear who the real MVP of our family was!

Listening to: Gastropod

My favorite podcast did an episode on marine science! The podcast focuses on the history and science of food, so it was awesome to hear how they presented a hot-button topic in my field in the context of food for a broader audience. The ocean region that they focused on (The Gulf Of Maine) is actually where I’m intending to do my Ph.D.-work, and I’ll be attending a scientific research conference for that later this week in Portsmouth, NH!

Eating: Egg Salad

The weather outside is finally cooling down, but we don’t like turning our heat on… instead, I prefer wearing flannel and baking bread to warm the house. All of this fresh bread is begging to be made into sandwiches, of course.  After rediscovering my love of eggs, I discovered this fancy recipe from Bon Appétit for egg salad. It goes perfectly with the dill pickles that I still have kicking around from the summer (and with a giant slab of bacon, of course).

Egg-Salad Sandwich
Egg-salad sandwich completely overshadowed by a slab of bacon.

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