Dragon Lingerie (Early Fall CSA)

I challenge you to find a more click-bait-y title than that of the Dragon Lingerie Bean! If the name alone is not intriguing enough, then just check out this crazy coloration:

Dragon Lingerie Beans

I used these in a coconut curry with shrimp and a plethora of other vegetables like carrots, tomatoes and peppers. It was great for using up a lot of vegetables… I’ve been a little behind on keeping up with the weekly flood.

Cauliflower: MORE Curry!


My mom would make cauliflower curry pakora (a fried snack originating in India) a few times a year. Sometimes I loved it and sometimes I hated it. I thought that this fluctuation was a function of my own sense-of-taste changing wildly until I learned that “curry” can be used to describe many different spice mixes; it turns out that she had been experimenting with a few different types of curry, and that Indian curries are more likely than not to displease me.

My husband introduced me to Japanese curry blocks such as S&B-brand. which hit the spot for me every time! When volunteering at English-camps in Taiwan, the kids always think of the Vermont-Curry brand when I mention where I am from… no connection to the U.S. state, though, as far as I know! Anyways, I applied this curry to Martha Stewart’s recipe for roasted curry cauliflower, and in the process converted my husband into a lover of cauliflower! Well, this one recipe, at least…


Spaghetti Squash: Moroccan Inspiration

While we’re talking about educating my husband on the potential of American vegetables, spaghetti squash deserves mention (sorry, I forgot to take pictures of these before I cooked them). His only prior exposure to spaghetti squash had been prepared in the classic American style: sad flavorless strands flavored with only salt and pepper. It’s criminal, really.

PSA 1: You can cook a spaghetti squash in just 14 minutes in the microwave! No need to roast in the oven for hours. Follow the first step in this recipe from the Smitten Kitchen; then, while you’re at it, follow through the rest of the recipe to make a delicious Moroccan-spiced spaghetti squash, which I paired with a Moroccan-beef & Preserved Lemons recipe. Within the same week I cooked a second spaghetti squash using the microwave-method, which I then threw into a Chicken Tagine.

PSA 2: I was a few champagne cocktails-deep when I cooked that last one and it ended up way spicier than intended. However, I was the only white person in the room so everyone else enjoyed the spiciness, plus I barely noticed it myself due to the aforementioned imbibement! I was going to say “don’t drink and cook” but perhaps Julia Child’s advice would be more fitting:

“I enjoy cooking with wine, sometimes I even put it in the food…” – Julia Child

Acorn Squash

Acorn Squash

The theme of the week seems to be convincing my husband to overcome his PTSD associated with bad American vegetable-preparations. He claims to hate squash, but likes the majority of dishes that I throw at him. I think he’s actually a squash-lover deep down and he just doesn’t know it yet 😉

Using this recipe from The Kitchn I made acorn squash & bacon pasta, a squash-heavy dish reminiscent of mac ‘n cheese that we couldn’t get enough of! It feels like one of those tricks that white American parents use to sneak vegetables into the diets of their kids.

More Fall Produce

Delicata squash
Delicata squash: my favorite squash! Acorn squash is certainly giving it a run for its money, though, but delicata has the advantage of an edible rind. Simply roast these with olive oil, salt, and pepper. I get these so infrequently that I’m a purist when it comes to preparing them so that the natural nutty flavor will be unimpeded by other elements.
We are still getting HUGE heads of lettuce (deathly pale hand for scale)
Candy-Cane Beets
Not sure what I’m going to do with these candy-cane beets yet (perhaps roasted chips?) but I just had to get these because of the gorgeous coloration!



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