Preparing for the End of the World (a.k.a. Graduate School)

In just a few hours I will officially begin my first term as a graduate student (though this week is a soft-start with orientation-type activities). In preparation for the onslaught of grading, studying, etc. that I anticipate, I have fortified the freezer ramparts with auxiliary rations: frozen burritos! Entirely homemade, of course.

My practice of making burritos for the freezer started with Hot-Pockets; my husband loves them, and I’ve gotta give the company credit for creating an on-demand meal/snack that is very satisfying. However, I was not happy that he was eating a processed food product on a semi-regular basis, so for nutritional as well as economic reasons, I endeavored to recreate some aspects of the Hot-Pocket experience. The first manifestation was as a breakfast burrito featuring eggs, cheese, beans, and sausage or bacon. And with this, I successfully transferred my husband’s affections to a homemade product… although he does occasionally cast a longing glance in the frozen section of the supermarket! 

We treat our freezer as storage for raw-ingredients bought in bulk (such as meat) as well as the occasional ready-to-eat meal. For instance, if I make a chicken-pot-pie, I will package up half of it and freeze it for a rainy day. I intend to stash these burritos in the freezer both at home, as well as at school, to stave off hangry decision-making that is bound to happen during graduate school!

At this last week’s CSA-pickup I hoarded peppers, with the intention of freezing them straight-up, but I set aside a third of the haul for inclusion in these burritos.


To make the tortillas, starring my beloved lard, I used my favorite tortilla recipe from Serious Eats. Through a lot of trial and error on our electric stovetop which has heat settings ranging from “simmer -10”, I’ve found that a setting of 4-5 (30 seconds for each side) is key for producing soft and flexible tortillas. Any major deviations from this temperature and the tortilla becomes brittle and inflexible.


Sea of Burritos


So what did I actually put inside of these burritos?

This whole process of preparing ingredients and assembling them together takes a surprisingly-long length of time, so I will only be breaking these out in the case of true emergencies!

Assuming that I am still allowed the vestiges of a life apart from school, I plan to maintain my regular cooking habits/food quality… my husband will just have to pitch in a little more often on that front! Blog-posting is another matter, so optimistically I’m going to shoot for a fortnightly post… or abandon the enterprise altogether….


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