Midsummer Mélange: CSA Produce & Beyond

With the end of summer fast-approaching, I’ve been proactively working on my non-beach-bod; also, according to my friend who is really into weight-lifting, apparently it’s bulking season? Of course, I’m not seriously working towards any unhealthy goals, but I did consume the lion’s share of my award-winning batch of Bourbon-Chocolate-Pecan cupcakes in my lab’s cupcake-competition… 

But who could possibly turn down these extravagantly-decorated morsels, topped with “deco pearls” that I impulse-bought at the Williams-Sonoma outlet?


To this same end, I recently pre-ordered a cookbook from food-blogger Molly Yeh, who I only discovered this past year while researching names for my own food-blog. Her blog, My Name is Yeh, is bursting with creative cakes, sweets, and other recipes that hit the sweet spot of Asian-American fusion that I strive for in much of my cooking. Offerings such as curry coconut macaroons, tahini oreos, and Chinese Hot Dish are a few examples of the blog posts that give me high hopes for this book!

Anyways, back to the healthy stuff…

I have failed to document the last month-ish of the CSA very well, but here are a few highlights. Also, I finally made an archive-page for the blog, so you’ll forgive me for the sporadic blog-posting, right?


Various Eggplants

Eggplant I’m not really a fan of eggplant, but I couldn’t resist these beautiful specimens! We threw this on a grill with nothing more than salt and pepper and they were surprisingly tasty.

Chinese eggplant is the only variety of eggplant that I can really get behind. My husband deep-fries the eggplant pieces before cooking them with pork belly and a profoundly flavorful sauce.


YELLOW Watermelon!

Yellow Watermelon

On our last trip to Taiwan, we were dismayed to discover that March is not watermelon season. According to my husband, yellow watermelons are difficult to find in the U.S., and the ones that you can find are overpriced. Imagine his joy when we discovered that fresh and local yellow watermelon was being distributed through our CSA!


More Pickles!

So apparently dill pickles are typically made with dill seeds, and not the herbs pictured here. I did not get the memo on this until I had already picked up a bunch of dill from the CSA, so I decided to try making pickles with the herb anyways! I followed this batch up with a dill-seed batch the next week, and actually preferred the jars of pickles made with the fresh herb!

If you haven’t already, check out my recent post on my mother-in-law’s pickle recipe if you’re looking to try something more adventurous!


More Produce!


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