Bourbon-Chocolate-Pecan Cupcakes

While Olympians were working their tails off for gold in Rio last week, I was slaving over a hot oven to bring these beauties into the world.

The laboratory where I work had a cupcake-war to commemorate my last week on the job. Unfortunately, this coincided with a heat wave here in Connecticut, but my husband graciously let me turn the house into an oven anyways.

These babies were so worth the effort (4 hours, ughhh) and earned the top ranking in every category (presentation, creativity, and flavor)!

Also, I think that the name was pretty killer:

Cupcake Competition Entry Title

These are quite possibly the best cupcakes that I’ve ever had, and they really pack a punch thanks to the strong bourbon flavor.

Bourbon-Chocolate-Pecan Cupcake

Surprisingly, I’ve not grown tired of these after several days of eating them because there’s so much going on in every mouthful. 

However, the angels are probably getting tired of singing Hallelujah choruses every time that I take a bite!

Recipe(s): Bourbon-Chocolate-Pecan Cupcakes

For the cake and frosting I followed this recipe from Half Baked Harvest. I did not use this site’s recipe for the filling because it used corn syrup, which I have no desire to purchase.

Instead, I used a pecan-pie filing recipe from Food Network‘s Trisha Yearwood.

Also, I subbed in a splash of maple syrup for the brown sugar that the pecans were roasted with.

The sugar pearls were purchased from a Williams-Sonoma outlet.

Happy baking!

Bourbon-Chocolate-Pecan Cupcake Cross-section Closeup



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