He Loved to Cook

Alton Sterling’s smile gets me every time. The Huffington Post reported in a recent article that he loved to cook for his peers, and was generous with what little he had. I can no longer scroll past these tragedies in my newsfeed without pausing to cry.

I recognize that changing my profile picture temporarily and writing these few words are not enough, but they are a big first step for me as someone who has literally never posted about anything remotely political. I thank God for social media and technology which has allowed others to shine light on the injustices that otherwise never would have come to my attention.  I’ll keep this short because there are so many other good articles out there that you should be reading instead of this.

It’s been a while since my last blog post, but I have felt paralyzed every time that I set out to write about something as routine as what I made for dinner. I have lost my appetite for the status quo.



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